As you explore my website, I want to give you a heads up as to some of the things I will be talking about in future posts.  I like to call them “Relationship Guides”, because I strive to deliver the highest quality and detailed content to my readers.  So think of this particular relationship article as a preview of what is coming soon.  Just like at the movies, I want to give you a peek at some of the hot relationship issues that demand greater focus, but particularly I want you to know that there are some creative solutions available to you.

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I strongly believe in “passing it forward”.  All of the things I have learned in my business of coaching individuals on their relationships has been both rewarding and enlightening.  My own set of personal experiences and the academic research and studies I have performed have informed my own views.  So what I want to offer to my readers is a special kind of tonic for the very life of their marriage.

The renowned author, Stephen Covey, pointed out that it is most wise to “first seek to understand”.  So I commend you for your efforts to better understand what is causing your marriage to suffer.  All of your inquiries and research has led you here to  I aim not to disappoint you.  You have suffered enough, but I think the fact that you are now “here” indicates you have the motivation and dedication to find solutions.  And trust, that is a huge success factor.

Hot Relationship Issues Facing Couples

My other websites give you an idea of my philosophy.  If you give generously to others, they in turn will return the good deed.  As you peruse my website, I encourage you to read and learn and then I want you to share your own experiences.  At the end of each lengthy article (or “guide) that I write, you will always have an opportunity to offer your two cents.  If you are struggling with a marital problem, I want to hear about it.  If you have some specific ideas on things that you did that “worked”  or “did not work” for your particular situation, I want to hear about it!

There is a community of readers who visit all of my websites and to the extent you have questions to ask or relationship wisdom to share, we want to hear from you.  The minds of many almost always outweigh the mind of “one”.

I will always strive to answer your comments and you should know that your own marital experiences or advice will almost always prove to be very useful to the larger audience.  I have seen this happen frequently and it can be powerful.  My readers will visit my websites and bring with them their own unique story.  Sometimes they will painfully share that story and shed a few tears, but once it is out they feel better. And I want to hear these stories because we often find ourselves in the same predicament.  Sometimes just sharing your story…..your particular marital or relationship challenge…can be therapeutic.  And the benefit of doing this is not just helpful to yourself, but when others visit my websites and read the other stories from visitors, often times similar to their own, they are relieved to know they are not alone.

I am just a huge believer in the telling of stories.  It very much part of our human history. From the moment we existed as a tribe…even before reading and writing, humans shared their stories and passed it on from one generation to another.  Well, here we are today, and the power and insights gained from relating and reliving our “stories” is still very much of the social fabric (e.g. social media).  Just the process of telling one’s story or listening to another’s, can be self healing, motivational, and instructive.

You can do this anonymously in the comment section below.  This has been my relationship advice model since day one.  Give freely to those in need, the highest quality of content, tested by practical experience and research findings.  If the audience member needs a higher level of relationship information, I will make that available as well.  And then I will encourage the community of visitors to engage by asking questions and/or sharing their story.

So what would Yoda say about all of this!  Yes, that’s right….I believe in small, little creatures that can pass on the wisdom!

“Always Pass on What You Have Learned”  or this little gem… “You must unlearn what you have learned.”,  or this one…”Many of the truths that we cling to depend on our point of view”

As I explained, I have utilized this approach at my other relationship recovery websites which include and  I built these websites from scratch as an extension of my relationship coaching business and the reaction was so profound, with so many requests for more detail and requests for help with various individual situations, I decided to write several comprehensive relationship recovery e-books for people to purchase as it was impractical for me to take on more relationship clients.

Because of the demand from my audience for a marriage specific website, I created  I plan on writing and publishing my 7th e-book on the topic of achieving Marriage Success and it will be my most comprehensive project ever.  Typically, my e-books are 300-400 pages in length, full of original, creative content, illustrations, and other little surprises.. If you are interested, the  e-books that are available now (in downloadable text and audio formats) include:

“ExBoyfriend Recovery  Pro System”

“ExGirlfriend Recovery Pro System”

“The Texting Bible – Your Constant Relationship Companion”

“The No Contact Rule Book”

“The 10 Commandments of Winning Back Your Ex”

“Secrets of Attracting Men”

“The Ungettable Girl”

My next publication will be targeted for those of you who are trying to optimize their chances of a successful marriage.  It will be the Marriage “Bible” for all things you should know on how to improve your marital relationship with your spouse. The release date will be in 2016.  For now, the working title will be:

“The Synergistic Marriage System: A Complete Guide From A-Z

A Sample of  Hot Relationship Topics To Come

As promised, I would like to give you a preview of what you can expect from this website in the way of future content!  You will not need to become a member or pay any monthly fee to access the premium content.  It will be here for you to enjoy and learn.  And I will be here as well, answering questions and sharing my wisdom and tapping into yours.

So, let’s get right into summarizing some of the major posts (i.e. Guides) I will be writing for this website in the near future.   Just remember to keep checking back periodically. And as time goes by, this website,, will grow larger in content and in reach. I will also be soon offering you a free newsletter with wonderful tips and tactics on how to maximize your chances of having a happy and fulfilling marriage.  If you wish to get a taste or sample of what is coming, feel free to visit me at:

Spend a few minutes at these websites to get an idea of the information I freely make available to my audience.

What I have found from experience is that as one starts to peel back all the layers of each person’s specific problems within their marriage, we end up touching on things many of us have in common.

We also will uncover some things that are unusual or situations that have not yet occurred for most people.  I plan on writing about all of these topics and more. Here are some examples:

A Preview of Future “My Marriage Helper” Topics

  • How to Get your Ex Husband or Wife Back

In this future “Guide”, I am going to walk you through a step by step game plan you may wish to adopt if you and your Ex have separated. You could be experiencing a trial separation, formal separation, or perhaps your spouse is drifting away in a big way and you want them back.  We are going to talk about some of the practical strategies you can focus on.  We going to discuss the Do’s and Don’ts.  When we are through, you will have a game plan on how to proceed.

  • How To Know If Your Marriage is Worth Saving

In this hard hitting, honest assessment of marriages that have gone far off the tracks, we will examine what are things that you need to consider to get the relationship back on track.  I will discuss if there is ever a time when you just throw in the marriage towel.  We will explore whether there are clear signs that two married people are doomed.  Couples invest some much of themselves into a marriage, so is there ever a time when they should just call it quits?

  • Does the No Contact Rule Work in a Marriage?

I will be taking up this fascinating topic as it pertains to whether you should consider utilizing a “No Contact Period”. We will discuss the strengths and downside of adopting the Marital No Contact Rule.  We will cover what types of marriages might be good candidates for such an approach.  We will also talk about the role of utilizing a “Timeout” in your relationship.  We will focus on what it is exactly and how this strategy can potentially help move things in the right direction.

  • Marriage Struggles and Hardships: The Top Ten Problems Plaguing Relationships

In this lengthy guide, I will walk you down the yellow brick road as you face some of your worst fears about the stability of your marital status.  We will face down some of the top problems plaguing your relationship and by seeking to understand the underlying causes of these issues, you will discover the most effective solutions.

  • Marriage and Broken Trust

Trust and marriage should be one and the same.  If you remove trust from the marriage, then the “union” is broken.  Unfortunately, many marriages suffer from a lack of trust.  In this future post, I will talk about how trust erodes within a marriage and what you both can do to stem the tide and reverse the untrustworthy feelings that creep into a relationship.

  • Marriage and Money Matters (a Holy Trinity)

When you and your partner have tied the knot, what might be the best way to handle finances?  Well, we will get into that, as well as explore why this frequent marital issue should move down to the bottom of your list of problems, once you adopt a simple plan.

  • Marriage and Your Emotional Health (a Holy Trinity)

A healthy marriage is a union of two people who are both physically and emotionally healthy.  One affects the other.  We will talk about the role the Holy Trinity plays within the framework of marriage and health.  Also, look forward to learning about what the latest studies reveal to us about how to improve your emotional health.

  • Marriage and Conflict  (How to Fight Fair) or “Why are we Fussing so Much!”

Hopefully, this will be one of the most popular Guides that I write because the opportunity for a couple to learn how to avoid conflict can be exceptionally impactful.  We will also explore what causes conflict and how you should deal with it when it rears its ugly head.  If you are in one of those marital situations where it seems that all you and your spouse do is fight and fuss and pick on each other way to frequently…then this is a free relationship guide you will definitely want to sink your teeth in….or scratch and claw your way to….or tear into (Ok! I will stop now!)

  • How to deal with a Do Nothing (Checked Out) Spouse

Sometimes I get this question about dead beat spouses.  These are men or women who are simply not engaged with their marriage or possibly even the world around them.  They tend to exhibit a lazy demeanor, requiring the other marital partner to do all the thinking and work within their married life.  Why do people behave this way?  Can you change this behavior?  Should your try?  Some might say, “you knew what you were getting yourself into when you married him (her)”.  Well, I think you probably didn’t and yes…there are certainly things that can be done to help remedy this problem. We will explore this topic in depth.

  • Recovery from Separation or Divorce

There is hardly anything more painful than the period immediately following the break up between two people.  I will be writing a guide that deals with how you can utilize the Holy Trinity of health, wealth, and relationships to enable yourself to not only recover from the pain of break-up, separation or divorce, but actually lift yourself up and become the best version of yourself.  Are you dying to become the “Ungettable Girl” or the “Unbelievable Guy”?  If not, I am going to walk you through a game plan on how to get there!

  • Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Every day somebody gets married.  I frequently get questions from those of you who have not been married very long, wondering about what unique challenges you might face in your first few months and years of marriage.  Well, things can move pretty fast in those early days of marriage, so I want to help you prepare for how to drive safely through some of the marital traffic jams you may encounter.

  • Marriage Advice for Struggling Older Couples

In this special article, I will be sharing some of my thoughts for those couples who have been married for a good while and who are really struggling with their marriage.  We will discuss why we sometimes find ourselves caught up in what seems to be a slow grind in which the magic and mystery of the relationship is coming to an end.  We will discuss how this endless cycle of old routines and habits have taken over your marriage and what you might do to break the pattern.

  • How do Couples Prepare for Marriage

I think this will be one of the most important guides you will read on my website because I will be discussing what you should consider before you commit to getting married.  We will talk about the predictive values of some of the marriage compatibility assessments out there. (note: I am not a huge fan) I will offer an alternative as to what you should be considering when making the marriage decision.  And once you and your loved one are both on board with tying the knot, we will walk you through some of the things you should expect just prior to getting married and what you can do to insulate your marriage from trouble in those early years.

  • Married or Non-Married Couples Living Apart

Long distance relationships can be hard, but I am living proof that they can also be very successful.  I will be tackling this frequently asked question about how couples cope when they are separated by a long distance.  This article will cover those who are presently married and those individuals engaged to be married and how they can blunt the impact of living apart.  We will explore some of the common problems of long distance relationships and a game plan you can implement to overcome this unique challenge.

  • Married Couples Planning for children

One of my most popular topics with my readers is how do they prepare for a new addition to their family.  What are the common problems they may encounter?  How will the relationship be affected before the child?  What can you do to ensure a smooth transition?  I will not only provide first hand information from my experiences, but we will survey the best practices that experts have to offer.

  • Marriage Challenges & Solutions after the Baby

This is the flip side of the previous mentioned article.  Once the baby comes, how will it impact your marriage?  What unique challenges are there for the wife versus the husband?  What are some of the things you can do as a couple to keep the marriage healthy and vibrant?  I will be covering these topics and more.

  • Previously Married Persons Seeking Relationships

It’s a jungle out there right?  Well, I can’t begin to tell you how often I get questions from men and women who have experienced failed relationships and are now seeking to avoid falling into the same marital traps.  With 7 of 10 people failing on their second try at marriage, you best have a proven game plan if you want to avoid a second broken marriage.

  • How to Spice up Your Marriage

Why is it that when I talk about spicing up your married life, people often think I am talking about sex.  Ok, so it is true, we will get into why sexual intimacy is important to relationships!  But I promise we will talk a lot about some other things which will help ignite the flame.  Everyone seems to understand that the lack of sex or problems with sexual satisfaction is a key problem between some couples.  We will explore why understanding something, does not always or easily translate to solving the problem.  Sometimes you need a little intervention.  We will get into this notion of how best to ignite the sexual flame of marriage and you might be a bit surprised at how easy it is to get things heated up in the bedroom more consistently..

  • Using Text Messages to Enhance Your Marriage

Recently,  I wrote and published what may very well be the most comprehensive book on texting and relationships.  It is called “The Texting Bible”.  So I have quite a bit to share with you on the topic of strategic texting as it applies to just about every angle of romance, relationships, and recovery.  In today’s world, the use of texting as one of the primary ways of connecting with your significant other in terms of exploring and amplifying the relationship cannot be ignored.  Indeed, becoming proficient in how to use texting in all areas of the relationship is growing in importance.  Whether you are seeking to “text your Ex” or utilize texting as an attraction strategy or even using texting to build “excitement”….there are certain rules and guidelines you should know about.

  • Married Couples and Former Lovers

Interestingly, this topic creates intense curiosity among my readers.  Perhaps it is because psychologically we are always comparing ourselves with the competition and are very curious creatures.  Well, we are going to tackle this topic and help you understand the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to discussing or seeing former lovers.

  • Married Couples and In-Laws

How could I not talk about the topic of the in-laws?  I certainly will not avoid this subject because I have some great news for you and some interesting suggestions.

  • Marriage and Jealousy

When I think of the deadly sins of married life, jealous definitely takes a front row seat.  I will explain why you and/or spouse are jealous and why some jealousy is healthy.  We will explore how this stick of relationship dynamite can empower your relations with your partner or can damage it.  Just as dynamite can be used for good purposes, it can also be destructive.  So get ready to learn how to bottle up this potent emotion and discover what to do with it when it makes an appearance.

  • Marriage and Cheating

Just a moment ago I mentioned the “deadly sins” a married couple needs to be on the lookout for.  Well, with “cheating” we have arrived at the mother lode of things that can poison and utterly destroy your marital bliss.  I will walk you down the path of a perfectly decent person who succumbs to cheating and we will follow their woeful story.  But instead of just painting the sky completely gray, I will leave you with some thoughts on how a marriage can recover from this deadliest of sins.

How likely is your marriage to succeed?

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7 responses to “23 Hot Relationship Issues Facing Married Couples Today

  1. Hi Chris ,

    I’m happy to have come across your site. I truly appreciate your unique outlook and optimistic pragmatism. I’d like to know your views on drug addiction (marijuana) in a marriage, and certain psychological disorders such as social anxiety. I’m dealing with both of these issues in my marriage (and all that comes in between). I notice that it’s not on your list of reasons a marriage can’t be saved, and I’m wondering why when it seems I am powerless over the addiction and my husband seems to think he is too. We are childhood sweethearts, but right now we’re tearing each other to shreds. My trust and faith are almost gone, I’m tired and have grown so impatient with the emotional unavailability, drained account and defensive irrational behavior. I haven’t tried your ‘Goodnight Tactic’, but other tactics… I have tried marital counseling individual counseling , support groups… I think my husband and I are great friends with many common interests. He’s loyal and so am I, but right now this feels impossible.

    1. Hi Yasmin….thank your for the kind words. I think anxiety is something we all have to varying degrees. My view is that it cannot be eliminated, but managed through a variety of means. I don’t believe smoking pot is a deal breaker for a marriage. Positivity and kindness rule the day and drives marriages to success. It sounds cliche, but it is powerful when both parties to a marriage embrace it.

      It sounds like you guys are in a huge rut. Something needs to change that is transformative and new routines (healthier ones) need to rule your days.

      I obviously don’t know enough about your individual situations, but perhaps if you both spend some time away from each for a spell….a hiatus founded in love if you will. Sometimes when we are so entrenched in our routines, we just can get out of them and nor can we see the bigger picture of how our behaviors have descended into negativity. That might change the equation just enough to allow you both to reset and find a way to embrace positivity and exchange more kindnesses.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for the reply! I appreciate your advice, as I’m looking for something direct. We separated a few months ago for a spell, not “in love”, but it helped us come to the conclusion that something major needs to change and that we’re further away from each other than we’ve ever been. We gave ourselves a timeline for progress and ridding the addiction from our lives, and we’re reaching the end of that and things seem worse. I wish it was simply “smoking pot”. At it’s worse my husband was compulsively smoking marijuana 10 times a day. This makes him emotionally void, causes serious paranoia, occasionally a trip to urgent care and puts a serious strain on our finances.
    He was recently diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. I wish this was a simple trip to the gym. He has an irrational fear of social interactions including just being able to look me in the eyes for more than two seconds, or anyone for that matter without thinking the worst. He’s so obsessed with himself and what people are thinking about him, before this diagnosis I was afraid he was plagued with narcissm.
    My patience has grown so thin I’ve been lashing out at him almost everyday and cutting deep, which obviously makes things worse.
    There are many things to love about this man or I probably wouldn’t have married him. I respect his brilliant technical mind (he could probably code his way out of a bomb), he’s very loyal to everyone, he’s ambitious, we share many of the same values. He’s made progress in becoming more emotionally balanced and mature throughout our marriage and I’m proud of him…but as time goes on and we get older I’m afraid of holding onto somethings that may never be resolved that make me really unhappy. We’ve been married five years and just made 30 and it’s been hard from the beginning.
    I can’t tell if I’m being cowardly and weak for staying in a situation where I feel I’m being denied so much, or immature and impatient for wanting out. I don’t know if I’m being vested and loving by choosing to continue. I feel like a fool and I am confused by my own self and how I should be viewing marriage. I believe in love, sacrifice and duty… but I don’t understand where the lines should be drawn when it comes to my emotional health. I do not believe in martyrdom.
    Thank you so much for your time and energy, it’s wonderful of you.

    1. I know people who suffer from social anxiety. Bouts of it can come and go. Treatments vary in method and success. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There is nothing wrong with trying to figure out what is best for yourself. If you are not consistently feeling happy and fulfilled, then it is unlikely that the relationship will ever be healthy. An unhappy wife makes for an unhappy husband. There is no thriving in that environment. The hard part is trying to make it work such that you both feel a reasonable level of contentment in your lives. Is it possible? Yes, No, Maybe. Those are the only possible answers. I think you are drawing closer to an answer to this question you are asking yourself. Your feelings are all over the place. That is OK. Its normal. At some stage, they will settle in and as you take into account all the important factors that lead to fulfillment in life, you will be in a better position intellectually and emotionally to make a firm decision on how to proceed within the marriage or what path you may wish to take as you leave marriage behind.

    1. Not hard to read at all. Relationships are incredibly complicated and trying to understand all the moving pieces and how or if they can fit together is no easy task. It is in part a pragmatic solution you seek to find. And it is also in part a spiritual journey.

  3. This helped me feel okay figuring things out and reminded me of how much prayer and seeking guidance from my Creator was such a big part of my life. Thank you Chris.